Welcome Mid-Vancouver Island Beekeepers!

 Nanaimo Beekeepers on Facebook  The Nanaimo Beekeepers Club is based in central Vancouver Island, in the City of Nanaimo and serves the mid-Vancouver Island area. Our club has been long established and currently enjoys an active membership of educators, commercial businesses and hobbyists. Our goal is to share information and provide a friendly environment for learning to ensure the continued success and good health of honey bees on Vancouver Island.


Meeting tonight Wednesday, May 23 at the VIU gathering place.  7 pm.

Sol will be sharing his bee wisdom.



Apiary  Inspector, BC Ministry of Agriculture,  for South Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands: Wendi Gilson –

phone : 250-882-2852 –

email: wendigilson@yahoo.ca



 British Columbia Day of the Honey Bee to be recognized on May 29 of each year. news.ca/news/598575/happy-day-of-the-honey-bee/

2 thoughts on “Welcome Mid-Vancouver Island Beekeepers!”

  1. I would like to keep bees on my property. I’d like to learn how to keep bees, even though I am very petite and not very physically strong (5’2″ average build)
    Please tell me when I can attend the next meeting of the Bee Keeping Club in Nanaimo

    1. Hi, thanks for your note. Our next meeting is at 7pm (6:30 for “beginner’s corner”) this coming Wednesday, October 24th at The Gathering Place (building #170) at VIU, and all are welcome. If you decide you’d like to join, our membership dues are only $10/calendar year.

      Although there is some lifting involved in beekeeping, you certainly don’t need to be a large person to manage it. Mostly you just need a genuine interest in learning; the learning curve for beginner beekeepers is quite steep, but if you’re interested and willing to read a few books and possibly take a course, there is a lot of good information locally from experienced, knowledgeable beekeepers. There are also ways to minimize the weight of boxes full of bees and honey, such as deciding to go with all medium-size boxes instead of deeps (that may not mean much to you, but I’d be more than happy to explain in person at the meeting if you’d like). I hope to see you there! –Mark Schilling

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