“Was was asked: what is your best-recommended book in the library, said didn’t know, that was a hard question. The easy answer all one has to do is read all the beekeeping books at the library. It took about eighteen months in the end plus the others found online and given as presents.
Would have put Beekeeping for dummies on the list but haven’t read the full book. A friend read it, he kept on coming up with these suggestions and quotes which were good and insightful.
There are other books out there these are just the ones found so far, if you want to send suggestions that would be most appreciated.”
John Duff

The Lives of Bees by Thomas D. Seeley

Maybe the apex of a life studying and keeping bees by one of the leading authorities on this planet.
What we know about bees in the wide and modern beekeeping techniques, the disconnects and how we can solve them to have happier healthier bees.
If you only ever read one book on beekeeping make sure it is a good one, make sure it is this one.

The Magic School Bus by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen

Where to start in knowing bees, easy to learn the workings of the hive from kids to adults. Excellent recommendation from my first Bee teacher Brenda.

Clan Apis by Jay Hosler, Ph.D.

Learning about what it feels like to be a bee, heartwarming and factually correct. Fantastic graphic novel.

Unknown by Kit Williams

The story of a beekeeper season told poetically and with exquisite artistry.

The book is an armchair treasure hunt, although participants did not have to physically find the treasure. Readers were challenged to discover the book’s proper title, and to send that title to the author, expressed creatively but non-verbally. The prize – a golden ‘queen bee’ statuette and a unique titled copy of the book – would be awarded to the entrant whom Kit Williams judged to have expressed the title in the most interesting way.

ABC of Bee Culture by AI & ER Root

It is an old book and a very good book, all topics are covered with lovely diagrams. My favorite is clipping the queen bee’s wing, he tells a story of when a friend visits and the bees swarm off and Mr. Root pretends to woo the bees back to the hive to his friends amazement they return.

Bee Time, Lessons from the Hive by Mark L. Winston

A lifetime of experience studying bees and meeting people. Includes some interesting statistics like 80% of honey in the stores is not pure honey, honey is the third most adulterated product on the planet behind milk and olive oil.

BeeKeeping by Joachim Petterson

Perspectives on how we get into beekeeping, especially liked the information in hive construction in a cold climate. Joachim is a super cool guy.

One Hundred Years of Beekeeping in British Columbia by WH Turnbull

From the first bees imported into BC to old gun slingers living in the wilderness with these bees, great stories on beekeepers in BC.

The World of Honeybees by Oxford Scientific Films

Does what it says on the cover, great book for learning about bees.

The Beekeepers Encyclopedia by Alexander SC Deans FRES

Life of a beekeeper in Scotland in the 1930’s.

The New Complete Guild to Beekeeping by Rodger A Morse

The librarian gave me this book as she said you’ve read all of them here and this one is missing the last two pages so we can’t use it anymore. Joked with her that the missing text was the solution for the varroa mite problem. Which reminded me as tumble weeds rolled by, a joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it.